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A cocktail of new technology and people is creating the ability for community builders and creators to spark a feeling of membership within their audience, creating a well-oiled machine to build together and create value far beyond the capabilities of any individual or artist. By helping community builders, we’re contributing to unlocking innovation at scale and creating a better world. 

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But if you’re unsure whether Coinvise Learn is for you or not, take a look at some Deep dive we published recently that other community builders called “golden nuggets”:

Let's not beat around the bush.

Most tokenized community-building advice is very superficial. 

That's normal. 

There are many ways to do it right, and we're all figuring out how to build new, lasting digital organizations.

But you have to stop kidding yourself: 

You're not going to build a tokenized community that generates (tens of) thousands of dollars a month by following copy-and-paste advice from Web2 community builders.

If you want a rare result, you have to leverage Web3 capabilities and truly develop rare and valuable skills. 

This is what we call DEEP SKILLS, and they require understanding:

  • Technology

  • Psychology

  • Emotional driving forces

  • People

It takes time to develop those skills, but if you master them, you'll instantly stand out from the crowd and have what it takes to build thriving tokenized communities.

So instead of explaining to you how changing your Twitter Bio will bring you (potentially) 10 new members, Coinvise Learn teaches you how to:

  • Understand human psychology 

  • Gather groups of people and incentivize collaboration through social tokens

  • Structure a Discord community to maximize the engagement rate 

  • Identify good (and bad) Web3 opportunities for your community

  • Stay disciplined to work in the community every day

  • Much more..

We have a straightforward goal at Coinvise.

Helping YOU become a top 1% community builder.

Start TODAY your community building journey!

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