TLDR; We've partnered with Global Coin Research to celebrate their 6 month anniversary. Join the main event on Monday the 11th at 9 AM PST on their Discord. Make sure to save the date!✨ Global Coin Research has been working hard to build a tokenized, decentralized DAO of learner…
Updating your Etherscan Social Profile.
How Web3 social networks can use the successful components of Web2 platforms while solving their most pressing problems.
A powerful tool to create a healthy and sustainable community.
Understanding Tokenecomics: Allocations for contributors & stakeholders, treasury and token design.
Earlier this year, we launched Coinvise to build tools for creators to mint a social token & build strong incentives around it. Today, we're happy to p…
Reputation Score, decentralized identity and interoperability.
Earning money and ownership with Social Tokens
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