Coinvise x 0Chain

Earn $ZCN for building on top of 0Chain's dStorage Protocol

Call for Developers

We’re pleased to work with 0Chain to distribute $ZCN rewards on Coinvise to developers that build applications on top of 0Chain’s dStorage Protocol.

Earn $ZCN

Building a decentralized AWS 🔒: 0Chain is decentralizing storage, providing a single source of truth for data, with — Private Data Exchange, Configurable Speed, Availability and Security. To explore use cases on building on dStorage, learn more here. To earn $ZCN from Coinvise, 0Chain is offering the following rewards to developers:

  • 5,000 ZCN Reward: given to developers whose product is released using 0Chain dStorage.

  • 2,000 ZCN Reward: given for referral of quality projects.

Developer Resources

  • API documentation: provides step-by-step instructions for developers to create and manage wallets, transactions, storage allocations, and other blockchain-related requests.

  • 0Chain Telegram: developers can share information, ask questions, and find teammates to create hackathon projects. If you have any questions, this can be a helpful place to look.

  • 0Chain GitHub: all of our public repositories are available on GitHub.

Claiming Tokens

To submit your work and claim $ZCN, please reach out to us with the link to your GitHub repository and description about your use case at