Coinvise V1

Launching Coinvise v1 on Ethereum main network

After months of building and testing Coinvise, we’re on main net. ✨

A platform for creators and communities to mint, exchange and utilize social tokens. We’re launching:

  1. Coinvise Minter 💰: Mint personal/community owned cryptocurrencies

  2. Coinvise Airdrop ⚡️: Send and receive tokens on any social media platform

  3. Coinvise Exchange 💰: Buy and sell personal/community owned tokens

  4. Coinvise Marketplace 🌈: Buy and sell NFTs and paid content

Gas ⛽️ fees are expensive, we’re working tirelessly to transition to a Layer 2 solution. If you’d like to help us build the future of community owned capital, join us.

Try it out:

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