2021: Coinvise Public Beta

A permissionless platform for creators and creator communities to mint, distribute and integrate social tokens.

Launching Coinvise Public Beta

At Coinvise we aim to build tools for individuals and communities to monetize engagement and the value they create for their community.

We’re pleased to announce Coinvise Token Minter & Coinvise Airdrop on Kovan Test Network 🌞

Before getting started: Get an Ethereum wallet and request some ETH on Kovan Testnet here.

  • Token Minter: Mint personal and community tokens (ERC20 Standard: Burnable, Pausable) — to get started, connect an Ethereum wallet on Coinvise App, name your token, and total supply of tokens to mint.

  • Coinvise Airdrop: Once a token is minted, to distribute them, Coinvise Airdrop allows token creators to generate unique links (per recipient) and share them to their community on any social platform securely.

Note: Coinvise does not charge any fee for minting or distribution apart from gas costs on Ethereum. The goal of this beta launch is to test our platform on Kovan & improve on security and user-experience.

What’s next

  • Mainnet Launch: After rigorous testing and getting smart-contract audits, Coinvise will be deployed on Ethereum mainnet.

  • Gasless Transactions: Meta transactions on Ethereum L2 for lowered gas costs, faster transaction confirmations & frictionless user-experience.

  • One-click distribution: Import a list of recipients to send out tokens in batch to people.


If you’d like to help us build Coinvise and have a passion for building better DeFi protocols, join us.

Stay tuned for more updates 🌞