1-click token distribution

Send social tokens in batch to anyone on the internet

Announcing 1-click distribution: This update to the Coinvise Airdrop allows token owners to distribute tokens in batch to anyone on the internet.

Some updates on our app and how to use it:

We’re currently in public beta where any creator or community can use our permissionless interface to autonomously mint and send tokens.

Before using the app, make sure:

  1. You have an ethereum wallet (to get one, we suggest using Metamask)

  2. Connected on the Goerli testnet ( you can get some test ETH here.)

  3. And that’s it — token creation and issuance feels that like magic 🔮

If you’re a developer who wants to help us build Coinvise, come join our team 👋

Apply to Coinvise

We’re getting closer to our main net launch, stay tuned, some big announcements coming this week 🌞

Coinvise App